December save rate at TLAC was 88%!

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Austin Pets Alive! Helps Town Lake Animal Center Save 88 Percent of Animals Acquired In December, Bringing Austin Closer Than Ever to Its No-Kill Goal

Non-Profit Organization Ends Year on High Note After Rescuing 3,227 Total Animals in 2010

AUSTIN, January 10, 2011 –Austin Pets Alive!, a non-profit dedicated to making Austin a “no-kill” city, is proud to have helped Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC) reduce their kill rate of animals received to 12 percent in December 2010 – down from 26 percent exactly one year ago – bringing the city in close sight of its no-kill goal[1]. December’s numbers showed a fantastic end to a successful 2010 that included APA! saving over 3,000 cats and dogs from Town Lake Animal Center’s euthanasia list, 151 of which were pulled from the shelter in December.

“APA! was instrumental in implementing a no-kill agenda for Austin and we will continue to lead the charge until every homeless animal has a fair chance at life,” said Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Executive Director for Austin Pets Alive! “We’re thankful for the tremendous support we’ve received from Austin City Council members like Mayor Pro-Term Mike Martinez and Laura Morrison, from the staff at Town Lake Animal Center and all no-kill supporters and organizations in Central Texas and nationally.”

APA! credits much of the success of December’s achievement to the support of the Council and Animal Advisory Committee. In 2010, Austin City Council voted to close the night drop boxes at TLAC and also put a moratorium on killing while cages are empty, which have proven to be extremely successful tactics in decreasing the kill rate and lowering animal intake. Additionally, TLAC’s recent adoption events and reduced (or non-existent) adoption fees are also to thank for the decreased kill rates at the shelter.

“I am proud of Town Lake Animal Center for reaching an historical 88 percent save rate,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Martinez. “It proves that Austin is truly capable of reaching a 90 percent save rate with the continued work and support of TLAC staff, the community and organizations like Austin Pets Alive! There is much work to be done in the summer months when breeding is more prevalent, but this milestone cannot be underestimated, even in December.”

“The December 88% save rate at TLAC is an incredible accomplishment,” said Laura Morrison, Austin City Council member. “This amazing success is a result of the hard work of staff and community partners like Austin Pets Alive! It demonstrates a strong commitment from our staff, the community and the city council to make Austin a No Kill City.”

APA!’s 2010 rescue numbers prove the direct impact the organization has made in live outcomes from the city shelter over the last three years, without any city or outside subsidization.  An independent organization with no national ties, APA! created the “grassroots” movement that moved the needle from an unchanging trend of killing 50 percent of shelter animals to where it is today.  Austin would be nowhere near its goal of no-kill without their tireless efforts. Additionally, Austin Pets Alive! has saved the city $1 million in taxpayer money by rescuing these animals.

Throughout the coming year, the organization is also looking to expand its concept and help other Central Texas cities save healthy or treatable animals at risk for euthanasia at city shelters.

About Austin Pets Alive!

Austin Pets Alive! is a non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to making Austin a no-kill city. The organization’s purpose is two-fold: to provide the services needed to save the lives of the thousands of pets killed every year at the City of Austin Town Lake Animal Center and to prevent them from getting there in the first place. The volunteers of APA! believe Austin’s kill rate is unacceptable and does not reflect the progressive spirit of its city’s residents. Visit for more information.


[1] According to the plan passed by Austin City Council in March 2010, the city will be considered no-kill at a euthanasia rate of 10 percent.

6 Responses to "December save rate at TLAC was 88%!"

  1. LINDA RIGALIsays: January 12, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    Good work Austin, this is great news. We need to save and rescue all of the Angels. Thank you, and congratulations. Job well done. Thank you, Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Concernedsays: January 30, 2011 at 11:58 pm

    I support any group working to get animals saved from shelters. However, I am concerned about the marketing this particular rescue uses to drum up support. Working with Toen Lake is admirable, but allowing animals to be put down at this shelter, while pulling from others OUTSIDE of Austin is not what APA is supposed to be standing for. Nor is it how this website discusses the mission of APA. If this rescue is working to save animals in central Texas, that is great…but don’t pull on the heartstrings (and wallets) of Austinites by only discussing the work you do in town. It makes one wonder what’s really going on behind closed doors.

  3. austinpetsalivesays: January 31, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Thank you for the feedback! We’re working on some changes to our website, but with all volunteers working on it, it takes us a little longer than we’d like. We’re actually THRILLED about our ability to reach out to other shelters in Central Texas and have been including that info in our press releases (see the last paragraph on this release) and talking about it on facebook. Because the kill rate at TLAC has been so low, we’ve been able to do this recently and hope we can continue so that we have a no-kill Central Texas. For example, we were able to pull a lot of dogs from WILCO and Bastrop last month when the euth rate for dogs at TLAC was only 7%.

    We aim to be completely transparent about our work. To see what we’ve pulled from the area shelters, you can check out these two pages, which are pages that we hope to expand soon so that it’s easier to see where we’re pulling pets and what kind of impact we’re making:

  4. Beth Grahamsays: February 8, 2011 at 11:08 am

    I’m having a difficult time listening to people beat up Austin Pets Alive! over expanding the organization’s reach and saving animals in surrounding communities. These are our neighbors. Are the animals worth less because they don’t live within the city limits? Do people realize that all stray, lost and abandoned animals from the unincorporated parts of Travis County, or those without a city animal control also go to Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC)? If my pet becomes lost, which shelter she is taken to depends entirely on whether she crosses a single street. It’s not an Austin only issue, nor are Austinites the only citizens donating their money and time. Frankly, the fact that APA! has expanded beyond TLAC has renewed my commitment to the organization.