by Lisa Maxwell • Posted in: General

January 8: Meadow has a foster home!

January 7 update from the vets:

  • Meadow is expected to fully recover in her skin at least. She may have scars but she should get some or all fur back. Time will tell. The mouth will heal 100% over time (usually 30-90 days) and we may or may not do surgery to remove some.
  • She still is not moving well on her hind end. We are just letting her rest right now without a lot of handling (it hurts!) so we haven’t done xrays or made her walk. We will do that in the next few days.
  • She is full of parasites so is getting treated for all that (internal and external) and she has to make up for a low protein due to all the bleeding/oozing of her skin where the protein is lost.  Nutrition is important but she is eating now so that is good.

Meadow is a four-year-old dog who has been severely neglected. She has terrible demodex mange and contagious papilloma virus on her mouth. In addition, she has some mobility issues with her hind legs. Meadow’s recovery will take some time and will require a lot of medications such as antibiotics and special skin ointment.

In many shelters she would be seen as a lost cause but at APA! we know all of these things are treatable. Meadow is our first major project of 2017 and we can’t wait to see her when she’s feeling (and looking) much better!

WARNING: Video is bloody and may be disturbing.

Your donation will help Meadow through her recovery and will give her a second chance to have a happy life we know she deserves.

*Any funds raised in excess of those needed for Meadow will be applied to other medical cases.