Volunteer Spotlight: “Adoptline” volunteer, Gerri Kappler

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Volunteering

Gerri Kappler starts and ends her day, and spends pretty much every moment she gets in between, checking the phonecalls and e-mails that come through APA! every day.

Adoptline is APA’s nickname for the small group of volunteers that man the voicemail box and e-mails sent to the general e-mail lists at APA! As our organization has grown, so has the amount of adoption inquiries, questions, concerns, positive feedback etc. The Adoptline gets it all! On top of Adoptline, Gerri fosters both dogs and cats, and is an advocate for a No-Kill Austin. Plus she’s married and a mother of two. She’s pretty much a super hero and an inspiration to all of us!

“Gerri Kapler is our fearless leader of the adoptline! She dedicates so much of her time and energy to making sure all APA pups and kitties find loving homes. We are so thankful for her. Being a member of the adoptline is very rewarding and fun. A typical day on the APA Inbox averages about 100 emails and voicemails that we respond to! We are on the virtual frontline of APA and proud to be helping so many of our wonderful cats and dogs find their forever homes!” – Tessa Wolff, Adoptline Volunteer

“In the past (Adoptline was created in November 2009) emails would be answered whenever Ellen could get to them, voice mails maybe in a day or two. Gerri took the communication process with potential adopters and the general public to a whole new level. Now emails and phone calls are answered 365 days a year, 14 hours a day! Gerri is an amazing professional, she is direct, friendly, and endlessly patient. She has made the adoptline into a key part of how animals get adopted at APA! We are here to facilitate the process and serve as the “connective tissue” of APA that helps make all the parts of the system (medical team, rescue, pass, foster recruitment, dog and cat adoptions, returns, volunteers, donations, PR, the general public) work together.

Being able to glimpse how this entire operation works is in part why I volunteer so many hours to the adoptline. It is endlessly interesting and you get to see what no kill really means up close. This is in part because Gerri is involved in so many aspects of APA! she fosters both dogs and cats and takes on critical cases with medical issues and because Gerri has been such an amazing model to all of us on the adopt team. Achieving no kill takes a whole community and Gerri represents a key part, the ability to create new systems and processes that ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Sounds sappy but she is a real unsung hero!” – Sharon Doerre, Adoptline Volunteer

Do you want to be the crucial link between potential adopters and our dogs and cats who need loving homes? When potential adopters contact APA! with questions about or interest in our rescues, we need a few additional people to give them the information they need and help match them with their dog or cat companions. This is a rewarding job in which you are enriching the lives of adopters and saving the lives of rescues alike! The work schedule is flexible and the work can be done from any computer, at home, work or even on your smart phone.

Help save lives! Every dog and cat we adopt opens up a spot so we can save another life. This group (established in Nov 09) was instrumental in increasing the number of animals rescued in 2010, if you would like to contribute to our APA! adoption success in 2011, please let us know! E-mail email hidden; JavaScript is required for to get involved.

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