Who are Constant Companions?

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Who are Constant Companions?

Constant Companions are supporters of APA that believe so deeply in our mission to keep Austin no-kill that they donate to APA every month. These donations can be big or small but they are all impactful. They go to directly help the animals that we save each year – in 2012, that was over 6,000 animals!

Meet some of our Constant Companions and see why they give to APA.

Join the club today and make a difference!

Diane Stapley – Volunteer and Constant Companion

“I support the APA Bottle Baby program through a Constant Companion monthly donation, because they turned a sick, orphaned, 1-week old tortoiseshell kitten (left picture) into my beloved, healthy Telene kitty (right picture)!”

Sheldon Ekland-Olson – APA Board Member and Constant Companion

“I am a Constant Companion because I know that the funds go to good use to save and support OUR constant companions, enriching life for us all.”

Kimberly Storin – APA Board Member and Constant Companion

“I am proud that Austin is the largest no-kill city in the U.S. I am a Constant Companion because I want Austin to stay no-kill and we can’t do it without ongoing community support and funds.”