APA! Spokesdog Needs Home

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Livvy, the beautiful white dog that graces our header on the website, is in trouble.   She is a special dog with special needs.  She has one of the happiest personalities you will ever meet and is crazy about pleasing you.  She was originally chosen for adoption at TLAC last winter because of her awesome personality.  She is extremely smart.  But she was a little too smart and she sat in a cage and slowly went stir crazy (they don’t have the staff to exercise the dogs well daily).  She is a border collie mix and you can just imagine what “cage rest” does to a border collie. 

She stirred herself into a frenzy and TLAC could no longer keep her.  She could not be controlled and started to nip.  But the volunteers at TLAC loved her and didn’t want to see her put to death because she couldn’t adapt to caged life.  APA! rescued her and placed her in foster.  The foster lost their home due to foreclosure and had to return her.  She did not do well at off site adoptions – again too little exercise.   So APA! paid for her to go to Taurus Training (with some support from Taurus).  That is where she met Robin.  Robin, the trainer, fell in love with her and entered her into a hard core training program.  She excelled with this kind of attention.

Robin found her a home and all seemed well for a long time.  But this week we got a call.  We needed to start looking for another home for her.  She was doing well but she just couldn’t be out in public (she isn’t good with a lot of other dogs and people- think about it- border collies like to control things and I am sure parks seem like chaos to them) and this family spent a lot of time out in parks and at public events.  We commend them for trying for so long. 

Her family has been gracious enough to foster her while we search for a new home.  If you know of anyone looking for a border collie mix

Livvy- Livin' It Up

Livvy- Livin' It Up

, please email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required

We know that there is a perfect match for her out there.  And, just think how cool it would be to have the APA! spokesdog as your dog!

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  1. Sharla Robertssays: February 27, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    I would like to provide money for her care.