Bigger Dogs Wanna Go Home, Too

by SummerHuggins • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Pets Needing Homes

Many times, the small and young dogs get the majority of the attention, leaving the slightly older and “more-to-love” dogs waiting longer for their forever homes.

Meet Glory, Cupcake and Keenan — all beautiful, well-trained and loving girls that have been passed up at our shelter for way too long. Adopting a bigger, more mature dog makes house-training (if they aren’t already) so much easier, and they are way less destructive than those little puppies!

We affectionately call bigger and more mature dogs like them our “Big Love” dogs. We’d love to tell you more about these three.

Glory is the perfect roommate, already house- and crate-trained, no destructive behavior and an energy level to match yours. She loves to play, but is more than happy to laze around with you on a rainy afternoon. She’ll do well being the only furry friend in your apartment or home, just as long as she gets to be with you.

Cupcake wants to finally get out of here and be able to wiggle with excitement every time her new best friend comes home! She’s up for walking, swimming or just cuddling. She’s full of enthusiasm and love, and is sure to make any activity — from jogging to swimming to napping — so much more fun just because she’s there!

Keenan‘s energetic attitude has been cooped up too long at the shelter and she isn’t able to play as much as she’d like to. She’s so attentive and will always lighten your spirits if you’re ever feeling blue. Always ready for an adventure, she can’t wait to finally get out of the shelter and romp and grin by her forever owner’s side! She’s been waiting so patiently.

Beautiful, smart, patient — these three great dogs seem to almost have it all. Now they simply want a place to call home!

Written by Eric Chavez

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