How To Keep Your Family Safe From Zoonotic Diseases

by Elizabeth Free • Posted in: Education

If you work in a shelter setting like we do at Austin Pets Alive! then you are more than likely familiar with the term ‘zoonotic disease’ but even those of us familiar with the term and some of its associated diseases don’t realize just how many there are.

Last August ZippiVet underscored some of the more common zoonotic diseases that can be transferred from pets to humans in their blog post, “Keep Your Kids Worm Free,” including everything from Lyme disease to hookworms and salmonella. No matter how presumably healthy our pets are, this post is a good reminder that our furry friends aren’t immune to bacterial diseases.

However, learning how infection can be prevented and how to identify the early signals of infection can prevent long-term illness for your pet and your loved ones, which is especially useful for families with young children and a pet or two in the home.

The weather is already offering optimally warm conditions for camping, swimming and trips to the greenbelt with our pets making this an advantageous time to refresh ourselves on issues of good pet and human health.