by Kristina • Posted in: Special Needs Pets

Although it is a horrific injury and something that should have never happened, we stand firm that saving Jakey is the only option. He told us he had a will to live when he licked the hand of our young volunteer as she soothed him when he came in the door.

He is in pain but we are controlling that well. We have a few battles to fight as he heals. We will need to combat protein loss through the skin as well as pain and infection. As the skin closes there is a chance that the skin will constrict too much over his legs and feet and cause blood flow issues to his limbs. Bandages that keep moist silvadene close to his skin will prevent that we hope. The good news is he has already eaten a little bit of food.

This little puppy has endured unspeakable suffering but we are going to make him better and give him a long life so that this little blip in time of pain will be a long distant memory when he is safe and warm in someone’s home. Thank you for helping APA! save lives like his.