Final City Council vote this Thursday, March 11th

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danielcDear Austin Pets Alive! Supporters,
We have finally come to zero hour in our quest to make Austin a No Kill City. On Thursday, March 11th, at 10am at City Hall, City Council will vote to implement a Plan for many improvements to our City’s Animal Services and the community. For Austin Pets Alive!, the most important piece of the plan is the proposal for Austin Pets Alive! to operate a Comprehensive Adoption Program at Town Lake Animal Center.

This Comprehensive Adoption Program will result in the saving of 3,750 lives that are currently dying year after year at TLAC.  If the Plan is voted through without the Comprehensive Adoption Program, which is a very real possibility, we don’t believe our city will reach the goal of No Kill (90% save rate).

Today, we need you to:

  1. Join the No Kill Coalition
  2. Send a letter to City Council
  3. Attend the meeting on March 11th  (And even better – stand up and speak during Citizen’s Communication and tell the Council Members and Mayor that you believe Austin should be No Kill as fast as possible.)

In your letter, or if you speak at the meeting on Thursday, we hope you will:

  • Tell them that the lives of pets in Austin are not disposable and you support their decision to make Austin No Kill.
  • Encourage them to embrace Austin as a national leader in saving lives.
  • Remind them that APA is here with a plan to help.

Austin Pets Alive is built on the cumulative community action of individuals like you and me. Without all the individuals who make up our volunteers, our fosters, our adopters, and our donors, we would not have been able to save the 3,500 lives that we have in the last 18 months.

To save the rest of the lives, we need YOU to join us on Thursday, in person or via email prior to the meeting, to stand up and tell City Council that you are ready for Austin to finally stop killing pets NOW.

This is our one opportunity to stop the cycle and make Austin’s shelter safe for animals once and for all.  The thousands of nameless Austin animals thank you for supporting No Kill.


Ellen Jefferson, DVM
Austin Pets Alive!

One Response to "Final City Council vote this Thursday, March 11th"

  1. Nancy Goodmansays: March 11, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    Congratulations are in order for Dr. Ellen, Brad and all of the others that have worked sooooooooo hard to get our City Council to approve the “no-kill” shelter recommendations. I just heard today about 1:15 when I went to an adoption to give the counselor a break. HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!! It’s about time!