The APA! Cat Concierge – Helping You Find The Perfect Feline Companion

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The world of cat adoption can appear daunting. When browsing the Austin Pets Alive! website, a potential adopter is faced with hundreds of faces all equally deserving of a forever home. The dog team at Austin Pets Alive! has long had a matchmaking service in order to help adopters find the correct fit for their families, but recently the cat side also started such a program!

The Cat Matchmaking Program – affectionately dubbed the “Cat Concierge” program, above all, strives to make sure that every potential adopter feels they are getting a one on one experience, with people who really know every single cat at APA! and can provide insight into their histories and personalities. We also help narrow down hundreds of adoption options to a finely crafted 3-6 ideal cat candidates. So far, the program has been an immense success – since October of 2015 when the program began, not a single cat matched via the program has been returned.

A secondary goal is to help target overlooked demographics of cats! We have had massive amounts of success in getting some harder to adopt kitties matched up with homes that fit their specific needs. For example, Neo, a nine year old front declawed former hospice kitty LOVED people, but wanted to be the only kitty in his castle! The Matchmaker Team helped him find a wonderful family with two small children to dote on him and no other pets – absolutely perfect for this (now healthy!) senior gentleman.

neo in his forever home screened in porch

We’ve also had success in adopting out several pairs of unrelated adult cats! Jimmy and Ramses never met before being adopted into their forever home, but the Cat Matchmaker Team did some research and determined that they were so cat social that they would do well together regardless – and they were right! They get along swimmingly, and their adoptive mom says “they are enjoying romping through the house, watching the birds at the bird feeder and drumming up interest from our dogs.”

If you or anyone you know has been looking for the right addition to your home and would like an additional helping hand, feel free to email email hidden; JavaScript is required for assistance! The Cat Concierges would love to help you find your new purrfect forever friend.