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Tiffany is a smart, outgoing, and amazing girl, who has been stuck at the shelter for way too long! Despite the many months she’s spent at the shelter, and the rough life she had before APA! took her in, Tiffany maintains her sunny disposition, and loves practicing agility, walking on the hike and bike trail and downtown, going on car rides, and working on her commands. After she’s tired out, Tiffany just wants to get in your lap for a good snuggle session.

Even without professional training, Tiffany has blossomed from a girl with absolutely no manners, who had no idea how to properly interact with humans, into a smarty-pants who loves her people, gives amazing doggie kisses, and knows sit, down, stay, and how to walk on a loose leash. However, Tiffany still has some rough edges that don’t always allow her to properly shine in her kennel and when meeting new people. She just gets so darn excited, that she can’t always contain herself!

The behavior team would like to send Tiffany to Foster Basics at the Canine Center, where Tiffany could practice her skills around new people with some professional guidance. With this extra attention, we hope that Tiffany will finally find that special someone to give her the loving home that she very much deserves. Will you help send Tiffany to school?

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