Adventures Await with Bock

by Lindsey Picard • Posted in: Adoptions, Pets Needing Homes


Hi! I’m Bock. My friends call me Chicken. Not because I’m scared of anything, believe me, just because if you say my name three times fast (Bock-Bock-Bock) it sounds like a chicken talking. Did you know chickens can talk?

I’ve been hanging out with the fun people at Austin Pets Alive! for a while now and guess what? I have learned so much! Seriously, if there were an Olympics for shelter dogs, I would have more medals than Michael Phelps.  Just look at all the things I can do:

  • Swim
  • Fetch
  • Sit
  • Walk on leash
  • Go for long runs
  • Snuggle
  • Find any toy you throw for me, no matter how hidden it is
  • Catch treats
  • Eat treats
  • Shake
  • Lay down
  • Go to my crate

And that’s just the beginning. I love training sessions and am eager to learn more.  If you’ve got treats, you can teach me anything. I’m also perfectly happy to just play fetch forever. It’s my favorite. Don’t worry, I know how to calm down and relax and I will shower you with kisses and let you rub my belly and scratch my ears. You’re welcome. ☺

I’m also a lady dog’s man. What lady dog could resist this handsome face? I’d be happy to hang out with a lady in a forever home. I’d even share my toys!!
I’m the total package. I’ve got looks, smarts, athletic abilities and a sweet disposition. I have lived in a house before so I know what’s expected and I’m pretty darn good at following those rules. All I need now is that house. Can I join yours?