April Volunteers of the Month: Michelle & Abraham Lopez

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Volunteer of the Month, Volunteering

Congratulations to our April volunteers of the month, Michelle and Abraham Lopez! A big thank you to both of you for all of your hard work – it certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed.

See what some of our staff had to say about this volunteer power couple:

“They spend a good chunk of their day giving the TLAC dogs individual attention and exercise they so desperately need! All the TLAC counselors love these guys! Every time I see them, they ask what they can do to help. This couple genuinely cares about Austin’s dogs, and they are happy to work with our big dogs who really need the extra stimulation and attention.” – Lindsay Henderson, dog adoption manager

“I have a deep respect for this couple because they help with the laundry, they walk dogs, and anytime you’re running behind and need an extra hand you can call them and next thing you know they’re there! Most of all though I love that each night that they come down to our TLAC location they tuck the dogs in. Michelle will actually cover each of them up with an extra blanket, give them a kiss on the head, and tell them goodnight. They make the struggle at the end of the night so much more relaxing.” – Anonymous

“Michelle is tireless and her husband contributes as well. She says it’s because of him that she can give so many hours. They do all of the above and truly care. I have seen Michelle tear up many a time and she is always asking if a certain dog got adopted. She is wonderful and full of energy that she gives to the dogs.” – Tawnia King, dog adoption counselor

“This couple is amazing! They come in on a regular basis and stay for hours doing whatever it is that we need help with to make the shelter a better place for the dogs. They aren’t afraid to get busy doing dirty work like cleaning dirty laundry and kennels, bathing dogs, and giving as many dogs as they can a good long afternoon walk and play time. They have even started fostering dogs, volunteering at our events, and have given hours upon hours of their time to APA. All the dogs and staff at TLAC are extremely happy when they see this couple come in the front door!” – Kelly Sloan, dog adoption counselor