Armstrong’s Day Out

by rroberts19 • Posted in: General

armstrong1Armstrong, the little three legged puppy had an exciting weekend. He got to meet all kinds of new friends at Austin’s Love-a-Bull meetup. Love-a-Bull is a non profit group who’s members are committed to participating in:

  • Educating the public about responsible Pit Bull guardianship (including leading by example);
  • Dispelling the many urban myths that have developed regarding Pit Bulls;
  • Promoting and supporting the spaying and neutering of all Pit Bulls;
  • combating dog fighting;
  • Fighting against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) targeting Pit Bulls;
  • Supporting the rescue of Pit Bulls; and
  • Promoting and reviving the positive image of the All american dog that was once the Pit Bull

armstrong_bandageLove-a-bull also offers free training to its members. Check out their web page for more information at
armstrong_belly_scratchArmstrong was a crowd favorite!

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