Bottle Baby “A” Litter Update

by shoreyr • Posted in: Foster, Pets Needing Homes, Volunteering, Where are they now

As of April 8th, the Bottle Baby team has rescued a total of 27 litters from Town Lake. 89 kittens. EIGHTY NINE! It is indeed going to be a busy kitten season.

So, our last several Bottle Baby posts have talked about caring for the babies in our trailer on S. Congress, training new volunteer feeders, training new fosters, kittens acclimating in their foster homes, and the like. So then what? Well, here’s an update on our “A” litter – now available for  adoption and on display at the PetSmart Cattery on 51st Street.

This litter of 5 kittens came into the APA! Bottle Baby program at just a few days old. They required constant care to keep them warm & fed & healthy.

Sadly, 3 litter mates all came down with an illness and didn’t survive.

Their foster mom was determined to see the remaining kittens, Archie (orange tabby) and Abigail (light brown tabby) through, and they have grown into such beautiful kittens! Thank you foster mom, Natalie! We hope they find homes soon…and with those beautiful faces, how could they not??

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  1. shoreyrsays: April 11, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    Both adopted over the weekend! Yay!