Meet Our Sweet Eleanor, Ready for a Special Home

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Eleanor is a stunningly beautiful dilute tortie with luscious swirls, stripes and specs of grey and gold. Eleanor is also a gal with special needs. Eleanor suffered a significant injury to her tail which left her with nerve damage. Most people may not know that the tail of an animal is full of important nerves which help them control their ability to  “go to the bathroom.” Eleanor now needs assistance in expressing her bladder, which isn’t as weird as it sounds! She is a real sweetheart with a wonderful disposition, and her love is a sweet reward for the care she receives

How Did The Injury Happen?

We aren’t sure of the specifics, but she showed up at the shelter with a broken tail. This could have happened by being run over by a car, caught in a fence, pulled by a dog, or even caught in a slamming door. What was left was a “dead tail” that dragged and essentially got in the way. A significant portion of her tail has since been amputated. Her personality shines, though, and we knew we had to rescue her and give her another chance.

How Do You Express a Cat’s Bladder?

By scruffing Eleanor and gently laying her on a towel or in the litterbox, you can use your free hand to feel the “balloon” of her bladder in her abdomen. Using a similar motion as you would if milking a cow, you squeeze her bladder. The APA Medical Staff also suggests talking to Eleanor during the process. She seems to relax and not get “stage fright” which allows her to go more easily. A video of Eleanor having her bladder is expressed is here (Caution: Graphic – you can visibly see Eleanor urinating in this video, and we know she’d be incredibly embarrassed if  she knew we posted this!) But you’ll see that it’s actually very simple and easy.

How Often Does the Bladder Need to be Expressed?

It’s best to do this about 3 times a day. Keep in mind, the more often it’s done, the less urine there will be.

Cat Urine is Pretty Potent…How Can I Reduce the Smell?

Cat urine is amonia-based, and we can’t change that. But, using a clean towel, Puppy Pad, or absorbent baking-soda-type cat litter when expressing her bladder will minimize residual odor. Cleaning the area after expressing her bladder will help as well.

Does This Mean Eleanor Will Have Other Medical Issues?

No. If her bladder is expressed regularly and consistently, Eleanor will be a fine feline companion and live a long, healthy life. If her bladder is not expressed, not only will Eleanor be extremely uncomfortable, but she may also develop bladder or urinary infections.

How Much Will Caring for Eleanor Cost?

Eleanor will simply need the same routine medical exams and vaccinations as other cats. There are medications that can help with expressing her bladder more easily, which cost about $10/month. Because we have fallen in love with Eleanor, Austin Pets Alive! is offering to cover any medical-related bladder issues for the rest of her life. Eleanor will still require a regular veterinarian who is familar with Eleanor’s health and medical care.

What is Eleanor’s Adoption Fee?

Her adoption fee is any donation her adoptive family wishes to make. She is an amazing kitty for the right person, and we hope that person is you – come meet Eleanor today! E-mail email hidden; JavaScript is required if you’d like more info on adopting Eleanor.

Cats like Eleanor require very special fostering when they are undergoing treatment, surgery, recovery, etc. Rescuing and caring for these animals is contributing toward Austin’s No Kill status. If you are interested in learning about becoming a Medical Foster, email email hidden; JavaScript is required to learn more, or complete the online foster application. All medical care is provided at no charge to fosters by Austin Pets Alive!

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