Tiny Needs a Walking Buddy

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes, Special Needs Pets

Tiny is a man about town. He’s a handsome charmer full of personality and joy. Tiny is excited about every new experience…a walk, a new friend, that chance to get out for some mixin’ and minglin’…he will be there with an enormous smile and enthusiasm to spare!

This wonderful boy’s zest for life is made all the more inspiring given the circumstances he was found in. Tiny made his way to the kill list at TLAC via life as a stray. He managed to be simultaneously malnourished and so morbidly obese that he lay beached on his side on the cold shelter floor. Tiny was depressed, lethargic, and on the verge of giving up hope. To see him now, just a few short weeks later, is to see a different dog.

Tiny has lost 11 pounds to date and is working on more through a diet and gentle exercise. You can just see his spirit bursting to break free of the extra pounds holding him back. Tiny wants to run and play with the other pups and offers affection and good natured-fun to every person and every dog he meets.

All Tiny needs is a forever home where he can continue to get healthy and be loved. Watching as he’s able to walk further and more fully express himself each day will be all the reward his adopter needs. But the awesome companion they’ll get in this boy will be a priceless, lifelong gift.

One Response to "Tiny Needs a Walking Buddy"

  1. bradsays: April 30, 2010 at 9:45 am

    Tiny is a great walking buddy. He doesn’t pull at all. Most of the time he leads the way while I simply follow behind him. After finiishing his walk, he enjoys sitting outside the X pen taking in his surroundings and of course getting gentle rubs. After a few walks Tiny will recognize you when you come to site. You will see his eyes light up when he knows you are there to walk him. Please make some time for Tiny.