BUSTED: Why aren’t you fostering?

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Foster, How to Help without Spending a Dime, Rescue, Special Needs Pets, Volunteering

Fostering kittens is a magical experience, so why isn’t everyone doing it?

Here are some of the most common reasons people aren’t fostering baby kittens – BUSTED

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9: “I might get attached…”
Sure, you might get attached… but have you ever experienced the feeling of saving a life?

Giving a kitten a head start in this world when they have no other option is unforgettable. Not to mention, getting a holiday card from your kitten’s new family is priceless! You want your kids to grow up, move out and be a success in this world, right? It’s the same for your foster kittens, so don’t deny yourself this magical feeling.

8: “I don’t have the space…”
Baby kittens can be fostered in a much smaller space than you would expect. You can set up a large dog crate as a kitten zone to keep them contained or use a bathroom, a spare bedroom or even an office. Our favorite: try setting up your kitten pen in the center of your living room for all your guests to “ooh” and “aah” over your little babies!

7: “I have never raised kittens before, so I’m not sure I’d be allowed to foster…”
We will provide you with all the training you need to take the litter home with confidence.

And boy, once you bring those kittens home, you are in for a treat: kitten antics will keep you laughing as they learn to climb, balance, perch and pounce.

If you’re worried about potty-training: don’t be. Once done nursing, kittens don’t even need to be taught how to use a litter box, just show them where it is and nature takes over.


6: “I already have a cat at home and he won’t tolerate foster kittens…”
As long as you have a separate room, there’s a good chance everything will work out perfectly. It’s normal for a cat to be a little uncertain and hiss at another cat in his or her house, but they usually don’t mind for very long.

Let us know if you’re concerned and we will work with you to make sure your resident cat still feels loved.

5: “The shelter kittens might get my cat sick…”
By following basic steps to control illness (like washing hands, bedding and clothing before interacting with your resident cat), illness can be kept from spreading.

We also recommend keeping your new kittens separate from your house cat, preferably in an another room. If your resident cat is healthy and happy, his or her immune system will be strong. If your cat is ill or elderly, we recommend you check with your veterinarian on how to best manage your cat’s health when foster animals are around.

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4. “I don’t know how to promote my kittens for adoption…”
We are here to help! Not to mention, your kittens are adorable – they can practically adopt themselves!  Just post a few photos and share with friends and co-workers and they are bound to find a forever family in an instant.

You can also schedule your kittens to go up for adoption at one of our many offsite events and locations as well as keep your darling feline posted on the APA! website. Contact email hidden; JavaScript is required to get your kitty posted online.

3. “I can’t afford to pay for veterinary care for foster kittens…”
APA! covers all veterinary care for our kittens while they are fostered at your house. You will be given information on how to schedule an appointment with our clinic to get them their full series of vaccinations as they grow and have support if they get kitty colds.

April and August A10 Litter

2. “What on earth will I need? I have no idea how to prepare…”

We’ve found a great list here to help you out! And skip all those fancy kitty toys … an empty cardboard box and some crumpled paper will make your kittens think they’ve scored the FOSTER HOME OF THE YEAR!

1. “Someone else will do it…”

So? APA! takes in thousands of cats and kittens each year and most of those arrive in the summer months. It’s what we call “kitten season” and they arrive by the box full. Without your help (and everyone’s help, really) we will never save them all.

They’re counting on you to become a foster parent!


Interested in leaning more? Check out what there is to know about fostering with APA! or send an email to: email hidden; JavaScript is required.


The bulk of this information was provided by ACCT Philly, check out their page here!