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You’d be forgiven if you passed Austin Pets Alive foster cat Georgia on the street without a second glance. Time on the streets has left her looking ratty, unloved, and unwanted. Georgia came to TLAC as a stray. Upon initial intake, the staff at TLAC found a skinny cat with serious dental issues, covered in heavy mats. Georgia’s sore mouth had prevented her from grooming herself, leading to her ratty appearance. Extensive dental work would be needed to give Georgia a chance at a good life. Austin Pets Alive decided to give Georgia a second chance.

She arrived at her new foster home looking pretty rough around the edges. That’s when her foster mom discovered the princess under all that dirt and matted fur. In spite of the time spent on the streets, Georgia turned out to be a complete and utter love bug. As soon as she was let out of the carrier, Georgia quickly decided that she was in a very good place. She hopped into her foster mom’s lap, rolled on her back and started a rousing game of whappy paw.

Her foster describes her as, “a nine year old kitten.” She”s curious, loves to explore her surroundings, and most of all loves to be with people. She comes out to greet visitors with whiskers forward and tail up. She will fall asleep on any available lap.

Because Austin Pets Alive was willing to look past the battered exterior, this “Pretty Woman” is in the process of undergoing a Cinderella transformation from street cat to sleek, well loved house cat. She needs your help to complete the transformation. She will require extensive dental work including tooth removal and medication to help battle infection and pain. Your kind and generous donations help Austin Pets Alive save wonderful animals like Georgia. Please consider donating to help fund her treatment.

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