No Kill City Council Candidate Forum summary

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Thank you so much to everyone who came out yesterday for the No Kill City Council Candidate Forum.  We had a great turnout and appreciate you all giving up your time on a Sunday to help our City’s homeless pets.

The following is a brief summary of yesterday’s event:

Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez started off the event by thanking everyone for coming and for getting Austin to where we are now (on Thursday, TLAC was at a 90% save rate for the month of April) and vowing his continued support to keep Austin no-kill.

Then we proceeded to ask candidates questions about no kill.  We were pleased that all candidates who appeared vowed to commit to keeping Austin as no kill, defined as getting at least 90% of animals out alive (with the other 10% being too sick/injured or too dangerous to be safely released into the community that they must be humanely euthanized).

The biggest issue of the day was that animal advocates are concerned about of the move of the City’s Animal Services from their central location at Town Lake Animal Center to a remote, difficult-to-find location in East Austin and how that is going to affect adoptions.  This is scheduled to occur in just 6 months.

All candidates agreed that the existing space at Town Lake Animal Center must be kept open long enough as an adoption center to ensure that the City is able to maintain its no kill status and that partnering with a nonprofit is the ideal solution.  They also agreed that the nonprofit should:

  1. Offer high-volume adoptions from the centrally-located space.
  2. Offer only pets transferred from the City of Austin for adoption (as opposed to pets from outlying communities) at that space.
  3. Move into the existing TLAC space immediately when the City moves, allowing no break in adoption services at that location.

And finally, all candidates were willing to work on housing solutions for Austinites so that restrictions on dogs are based on temperament, not breed.  However, none were comfortable committing to creating an anti-breed discrimination law.

Candidates were sent a questionnaire last week with 10 questions.  Their answers are published on <a href=””>FixAustin’s website</a>. We encourage you to read their answers before voting. Early voting started today and the last day to vote is May 14th.

Thank you so much to the candidates who participated.  We encourage you to leave a brief comment on their facebook pages, letting them know that you appreciate them giving up their time to discuss this cause:
Laura Morrison, Place 4
Chris Riley, Place 1
Randi Shade, Place 3
Kathie Tovo, Place 3
Max Nofziger, Place 3 (Max does not have a facebook page)

3 Responses to "No Kill City Council Candidate Forum summary"

  1. blucatsays: May 9, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    no-kill seems like a good thing, but what about the economy? i am writing an English paper on the subject and, even though i don’t want to burst your happy little bubble, this would be better if you just euthanized every animal that needs it. now that austin is officially “no-kill” , all pet stores have been banned so that people will hopefully go to pounds, rescue centers, ect. for their animals. but the truth of the matter is, people won’t go there if they find a good breeder, or a place out of town. they don’t think to look at places like yourselves. also, what if you run out of funding, hmm? then what would happen to the animals? you are in a pickle, in mai point of view. you couldn’t leave things the way they were; you had to change everything for austin animals!

  2. @blucatsays: May 12, 2011 at 9:52 am

    How dare you come onto this website and criticize what APA! does for animals. What does the economy have to do with what Austin Pets Alive is doing? This is a non-profit organization, which means it relies on donations from the public, not from the government. And suppose we did keep those animals, that you are clearly insensitive about, at Town Lake Animal Shelter. They would be euthanized, not because they “need it” but because there is no space. Do you honestly think that pet stores helped the economy at all? I don’t believe you are truly educated about non-profit organizations, nor do i believe that your pathetic argument is an educated statement. Please, if you don’t like the no-kill status, move somewhere else. Austin loves its animals and that’s never going to change. Write that in your “English Essay.”

  3. Eric Knustromsays: May 16, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Blucat, you have no idea what “No Kill” means and your comments are riddled with factual inaccuracies. Guessing your paper got the “F” it richly deserved.