Reason Number 453 Why We Love Our Volunteers

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Foster, Volunteering

Adam, far right, becomes part of a sleepy dog pile.

Adam, far right, becomes part of a sleepy dog pile.

If you talked to any weatherman just before the Memorial Day weekend kicked off, he would have told you to expect inches and inches of rain, scary lightning and loud thunder. Such talk didn’t excite the dogs at Austin Pets Alive! very much. So our amazing volunteers stepped in — just like they always do!

More than 50 of our adoptable dogs — 63 to be exact — were able to spend part or all of the weekend in a safe, warm, dry home.

As our Bottle Baby Kitten ward filled up with newborns rescued from the elements, we were able to help because of you, providing additional sanctuary to an astonishing 15 litters of kittens.

Our volunteers (current and new!) opened up their hearts and homes to help these pets feel safe from the weather and give them a break from the shelter environment. Even beyond that, we were able to learn a little bit more about our pets, and the impact and desire our community has to help animals.

Our volunteers spoiled and loved and cared for pets of all ages, and then reported back with how they did in a real-world, home environment. Parents were able to spend the weekend with their kids and educate them by caring for newborn kittens with the regular feeding schedule their lives depend on. Dozens upon dozens of our adoptable dogs showed how wonderful they are with kids too. Many slept comfortably all the way through the night, and showed off that they were housebroken by waiting by the door when they needed to go out. We heard stories about which dogs love other dogs…there are even a couple that are okay with the fact that cats exist in our world! Our volunteers learned all of this over the weekend. And our city’s rescue pets had a safe place, and a treat we hope they’ll permanently have soon.

Volunteers, we can’t thank you enough for your time and support all year long. This Memorial Day weekend, we especially thank you for your care of these dogs, giving them a break from the shelter world, and showing them what a loving home really looks like. For our much needed help with foster homes for abandoned kittens who need regular bottle feeding, you saved lives. Literally.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved with APA! through volunteering, start with orientation and jump right in. We’d love to have you!