The dogs and cats of Austin desperately need your help!

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I know we often post on this blog our needs for help, and every time Austin has stepped up and helped us out in a major way. If it wasn’t for that help, we couldn’t have saved the nearly 1,400 dogs’ and cats’ lives we have saved up to this point. However, we are in a crisis Austin. With Spring came tons of puppies and kittens destined for death at the shelter, we were able to save almost every one of them until now. Unfortunately, our program is full of animals, and until we get more space, help, and funding we will be at standstill. TLAC is still killing 20-30 animals every day, and we are only able to save a couple of them. This means healthy, adoptable puppies and kittens are getting killed every day.

We need your help! I know times are hard right now for everyone, but if you could dig deeply into your heart and find a spare bit of time, or a spare bit of money, we could use it now more than ever.

What we need:

  • Adopt an animal! every animal adopted opens up a spot for us to save 1 more life. We are reducing the price of adoption this weekend only, June 5th and 6th! $59 for cats and $99 for dogs (over 3 months only)
  • Adoption Locations – we need more adoption sites – does anyone know anyone who would let us set up on their property in a very busy part of town (7 days a week) with lots of foot traffic? If so, email email hidden; JavaScript is required
  • Funds for Adoption Locations – Typically a new adoption location costs about $10,000 to start. Fortunately, we already have a van to do the transport, so a new location now would only cost roughly $4,000 for tents, pools, pens, leashes, bowls, toys, tables, signage, paperwork, bleach, blankets, etc. Please donate – even just a a couple dollars – to help us raise money to open a new site.
  • Volunteers – Apa has tons of volunteer opportunities! Anything from data entry from your home computer in the evenings, to screening adopter applications, helping walk dogs at adoption sites, vaccinating and medicating animals (medical background needed), event coordination, transporting animals around town, and much more! Go here to fill out an online application to be a volunteer!
  • Fosters – every foster we have lets us save another life. If you have a bathroom you could put kittens in, a spare bedroom for a cat, a backyard for a dog, a big dog crate for a litter of pups, you could be a great foster! Time commitments are flexible, and we will match you with the animal of your choice and what works best in your home. Go here to fill out a foster application.
  • Simply pass this on to friends! If you are tapped out on time and money, please at least forward this on to your address book so that hopefully we can get more people involved.

Please remember, today, tomorrow, and every day they will kill healthy, lovable dogs and cats simply because Town Lake Animal Center and APA are out of space. Thanks for all you do Austin – with you, our animals can have hope for a better future!!

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