June 2015 Volunteer of the Month: Liz Stolle

by Jen Cohen • Posted in: Volunteer of the Month, Volunteering

Thank you to June’s Volunteer of the Month, Liz Stolle. Liz has done just about everything she can for APA!’s pups—from assessing dogs as they come in to following up after their adoptions.

Liz StolleThis is what her peers have to say about her:

Liz a person that quietly goes above and beyond any expectations any of us could have. She coordinates all dog adoption follow up. She works with some of the most energetic behavior dogs to get them ready for a forever home. She will step up and help in any aspect—all you have to do is ask. Liz was instrumental in getting Sophie’s weight down last year so she could have knee surgery. She also commits her time every week to help with play group assessment. And she spent the better part of last year as a matchmaker helping adopters find their perfect dog. She wouldn’t want to be acknowledged for her work though! She does it for the dogs! —Jess Borda

Elizabeth is such a wonderful Team Leader for our Adoption Follow Up crew! She is always available to help, and is a fabulous resource. Elizabeth goes above and beyond to help our team, and most importantly, our adopters. —Kelly Schultz

Liz has been helping for years now…quietly managing a key group and helping out with the pups in so many ways! She’s always willing to give a hand and is so dedicated to this organization! —Anonymous

And here’s what she said when we got to know her a little better:

How did you get interested in volunteering at APA!?
After hearing a friend talk about APA! I got on the website and signed up for volunteer orientation right away. That was over 2.5 years ago.

What are you most passionate about at APA!?
APA!’s overall mission really strikes a chord with me, I am so proud to be involved and to do whatever I can to help. All the adorable pups and cats, the amazing staff, and passionate fellow volunteers keep me coming back day after day.

What is your favorite thing to do at APA!?
There are several things I do with APA! and they are all different and fun. With the Adoption Follow Up Team I get to communicate with recent adopters, most of whom are very happy to have found their new best friend. It’s extra special when an adopter sends in a photo of their dog or cat in their new home. At TLAC, I walk dogs or help bring the pups to/from playgroup which always puts me in a good mood. I also volunteer with the Dog Behavior Team and it so very rewarding to help dogs overcome some naughty behaviors and become the best dogs they can. I also love helping adopters who need some simple training advice to get their pup settled into their new home.

What are some words of wisdom for new APA! volunteers?
There are so many ways to help the dogs and cats at APA! Try lots of different things, you might be surprised at what you find rewarding and fun.

Do you have a favorite cat or dog at APA!?
I have many favorites but I always make sure to spend extra time with Oliver, Mercury and Casa. I hope they all find their perfect forever homes very, very soon.

What’s an interesting fact about you people may not know?
I love blocky-headed dogs. Oh wait, everyone already knows that. Well maybe you don’t know that I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do (yes, it’s true).