Marge: Ever seen a dog smile?

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes

Who says a dog can’t smile? One look at Marge’s face and you’ll see what we mean. She has the most expressive, sensitive face and looks up at you with the most endearing eyes, perking up her ears and looking right in your eyes.

Marge: Ever seen a dog smile?

Marge is quite a love bug! She is an affectionate and cuddly girl who has an adorable way of wiggling all over to show how happy she is to see you. Have a hard day at work? The minute you walk in the door Marge will change your entire day. She’ll follow you around everywhere, letting you know that you are absolutely the most important thing in the world to her!

Watch her video and see her incredible affection for her people!

Marge loves to play with other dogs, and she gets along very well with dogs of all shapes and sizes. She has done great with dogs as big as a St. Bernard and as small as a 12lb Terrier mix. She’s best with dogs that understand her playful nature and can keep up with her on-the-go nature!

Besides being just plain adorable (how can anyone resist her expressive face?), Marge is quite a smart girl and is receptive to the training she will need to blend in her new home. She is already mastering her leash walking skills and doing wonderfully!

While her foster mom goes for a bike ride, Marge runs alongside nicely and LOVES it! She has also learned to “sit” and “lie down” quite reliably. She’s a recent graduate of Doggie Boot Camp where she has learned that she gets treats by pleasing her owner.

Marge is an energetic dog and thrives on playtime and exercise. However, in the house she is often caught taking a nap on the couch, gazing out the window to see what’s going on in the world or playing with the other dogs in the house. She also likes to relax in her crate.

If you would like to have a sweet and sensitive soul for your companion, and have quality time and lots of love to give, Marge is ready and waiting to give you love and great company many times over!

Special thanks to Stuart Phillips d/b/a Grateful Dog Photo / Video / Design for her ongoing contributions to the pets of Austin Pets Alive!.

Photos and video production (c) 2010 by Stuart Phillips d/b/a Grateful Dog Photo / Video / Design.

Marge’s story provides a reminder about the critical importance of spaying and neutering every pet to bring Austin to our no-kill goal!

Marge was never spayed and like so many others turned up pregnant. The worst part is that as soon as she was found to be pregnant her owner dumped her at the shelter.

Marge’s story provides a reminder of the critical role of spaying and neutering Austin’s pets in our goal to make Austin a No-Kill city.

Resources for low-cost spay and neuter surgery in Austin
We are fortunate to have amazing resources in Austin that make helping our community become No Kill a reality. For just $59, Marge could have been spayed at Emancipet (founded 11 years ago by Austin Pets Alive’s amazing executive director, Dr. Ellen Jefferson) or Animal Trustees of Austin.

You can help! Spread the word about these great, easy options to your friends and co-workers, or even share on Facebook or Twitter – you never know who you’ll reach!

Marge the love bug!

Special thanks to Stuart Phillips d/b/a Grateful Dog Photo/Video/Design

Marge - Who me?

2 Responses to "Marge: Ever seen a dog smile?"

  1. Anne Pharessays: July 3, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    I am interested in learning more about marge. How long has she been in the shelter? Is she house trained, could she jump/climb a four foot fence (that is what we have)? Why is she the pet of the week?


  2. austinpetsalivesays: July 4, 2010 at 10:34 am

    Hi Anne! I’m going to send your questions to our email hidden; JavaScript is required address so those volunteers can answer your questions.