Midnight Needs Your Help

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Foster, Partnerships, Pets Needing Homes

Update 6/2:  According to TLAC’s foster coordinator, their foster program is only for underage animals (too young for adoption) and animals recovering from surgery, injury or illness. Midnight needs adoption and they are not looking for a foster for her.

Midnight is a very gentle, affectionate girl who’s here to ask you to make good on Buddy’s legacy.  She didn’t mean to be the first to ask but she’s starting to have a hard time at the shelter.  Fortunately, the awesome TLAC volunteers love her and are getting her help early.  She doesn’t need much.  She’s a very good girl.  She just needs a foster or adopter to get her out of the shelter.

When she’s out and about, Midnight is a wonderful dog!  She came on her first visit to the APA! trail site this weekend and she has excellent manners and loves to meet and give affection to new friends.  The trouble comes when it’s time to go back in her kennel.  Midnight is now having to be carried in because she does not want to return to the stress of the shelter.  Each time she’s forced to go in, the negative association is going to get worse.

Here is what one of the fabulous TLAC volunteers has to say about this very special girl:

“Midnight, a 1.3 yr old Labrador Retriever mix, LOVES the water (from splashing in the baby pool to wading and swimming in Lady Bird Lake). She loves to walk and hike and is a lovely trail companion because she is friendly to people — including children, with whom she’s calm — and nice around other dogs. She’d probably be good with a runner, too. She loves being out and about. She always sniffs around and looks around as though she is looking for someone (maybe the family she used to be part of?)

What Midnight doesn’t love is being in her kennel in the shelter. Because she’s an active dog and a little worried about new things, the noise, bustle and confinement of the kennel are VERY stressful for her. She constantly paces and jumps around in her kennel waiting for the next person to take her out. She sometimes starts to whimper when you take her back to her kennel. Recently she started to refuse to go back in and has to be picked up and carried into it.

The GREAT NEWS about Midnight is that she is a SWEET girl who learns fast. She would do best with someone who is active –this girl LOVES the outdoors — but also patient enough to help Midnight learn new things.

Midnight was wary of going up the stairs on the pedestrian bridge, but when she was coaxed up step by step she began to gain confidence and walked up the last flight by herself. She was wary about climbing into the car, and when she first got in, she gripped the seat with her front paws like she had to hang on. But half way through the ride, she relaxed and lay quietly in the seat as the perfect passenger.

Midnight is one of those dogs who is at risk of declining mentally in the shelter but we are confident she will be a loving and treasured member of any family.

Can you help her?! If you can’t adopt, please consider fostering this deserving pup.”

Midnight is currently part of Town Lake Animal Center‘s adoption program.  Her Animal ID# is 571228 and she is housed in kennel 6.  Please contact them immediately or go to the shelter in person if you are able to help this special girl.

3 Responses to "Midnight Needs Your Help"

  1. Sarahsays: June 7, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    Is Midnight still in need of a foster home??

  2. Jenalou Hunsuckersays: June 10, 2010 at 9:10 am

    What is the status of Midnight?

  3. austinpetsalivesays: June 10, 2010 at 10:08 am

    She is still available for adoption at TLAC.