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nia1I was saved by two people with big hearts.

After seeing me get hit by a car, they ran to me in the road. Cars were passing me as I lay huddled up, alive and injured.

I was bleeding from my eyes and was having trouble breathing. The couple drove me to the nearest animal hospital 45 minutes away from where I was hit and saved my life.

I am just 12 pounds and after the accident, I could not stand up. Now I can walk and run around the yard with excitement. I love lying in the grass and soaking in some sun.

I need a family who can be patient and attentive. I leak urine, but can wear diapers while lying around on your lap watching TV. I am still recovering from nerve damage and have weak muscle control. But I can tell you when I want to go outside.

I’m looking for a family of my own, who will let me lie around in their laps and love them. I know I have some challenges to overcome, but I am a young girl with lots of love to give to the family who is willing to help me.

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