Our 1 year mark

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One year ago, APA! officially became a TLAC partner and we began pulling pets off of their euthanasia list*.   Here we are one year later and are excited to share how far we’ve come – with your help.

  • We’ve pulled over 1,500 pets from TLAC’s euthanasia list.
  • We’ve lowered TLAC’s kill rate by over 20%. (or 28% starting from the beginning of this year)
  • We’ve pulled over 1,900 pets into our program.
  • We’ve adopted almost 1,500 pets to new homes.
  • We have 4 daily dog adoption sites and are in the process of opening 2 more (they’re actually already running on the weekends).
  • We have 1 daily site for our cats and 3 weekend sites.  We have exciting news to announce soon about our new kitten neonatal ward!
  • We’ve helped approximately 600 pets with our PASS hotline.

In addition to all of this and our new kitten neonatal ward, we have lots more plans in the works that we look forward to implementing soon!

All of this has been accomplished without major funding or a building.  Instead, it was accomplished by our amazing volunteers and fosters, 1,500 adopters who each saved a life, and generous donors – most of whom dropped $1 in our donation jars at our adoption events or gave us $20 online.


*  What is the euthanasia list?  When an animal enters TLAC and doesn’t get reclaimed by an owner, the animal is then either chosen to go into TLAC’s adoption program or is pulled by one of 80 rescue organizations in Austin.  If the animal didn’t make it to the adoption program and didn’t get pulled by a rescue group, he goes on the euthanasia list, to be killed the following morning.  TLAC gives this list to APA! every night and our rescue coordinators pull off as many pets as we can fit into our program.

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