Reminder: Last town hall meeting is tonight

by admin • Posted in: Awareness/ PR

Please come out to the final town hall meeting tonight to discuss the proposed cut to Emancipet.

We are making a difference by attending these town hall meetings. This is an interactive meeting. You will sit at a table with 10 other citizens. You are given a list of proposals to either accept or reject. We want to REJECT HS-1 which is the proposal to remove spay/neuter funding. You have the opportunity to influence the discussion at your table.

We did not attend the first town hall meeting and 15 tables voted to accept the proposal while 3 tables voted to reject the proposal. We attended both the second and third town hall meetings. At the third town hall meeting ALL 20 tables REJECTED HS-1. The city is calculating this information and is posting the responses on a website for citizen review. Please don’t sit with your friends at the same table—spread out and sit at different tables so we can have representation on this issue at all tables. YOUR PARTICIPATION IS IMPORTANT!

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