Snapshot of Your Compassion

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Adoptions, Awareness/ PR, Behavior, Feline Leukemia, Organizational, P.A.S.S., Parvo Puppy Program, Rescue, Ringworm

You help give second chances to unweaned kittens, puppies with parvovirus, cats with ringworm and dogs that need behavioral support in Central Texas. You believe that no life should  be taken for granted and that the programs at APA! make a difference in this community.

Whether you have a furry family member of your own or not, it’s always nice to know you are a part of a community that cares about its’ four legged friends.

So here’s a snapshot of just how much this community cares:


  • 34 cats diagnosed with Feline Leukemia have been adopted so far in 2014, already surpassing the number of Feline Leukemia positive adoptions you saw in 2013
  • 104 undersocialized or feral cats from our Barn Cat program have already found homes to provide them food, water, shelter and veterinary care so far this year
  • Dogs in our Canine Good Citizen Program are staying in the shelter only 20% of the time they had before the training program launched
  • PASS Program supporters have provided emergency boarding for 66 animals already in 2014, keeping each of these animals out of the shelter system
  • 100% of the puppies that have survived parvo this year have found their forever homes; each of which were treated for one-tenth the cost of private clinic treatment thanks to the optimization of the ICU’s programs and processes

These statistics are a shining example of a community with compassion and dedication to the no-kill mission.

Thank you for keeping this mission top of mind… and top of heart.

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