Wilbur is home

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Look at that smile. Wilbur found his new family today.

And what a fantastic home it is. After months of searching, we found everything we could have hoped for in a home. Great people who know a lot about dogs who are willing to work with him on his issues and love him unconditionally. We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome for such a great dog.

Thank you to Melissa, Ignacio and the whole family for coming all the way up from San Antonio to meet Wilbur.

And Wilbur weighed in at 65 pounds today – 20 pounds more than when he first came to us in January after being seized because of the cruel conditions in which he was kept – confined on a 2 foot chain outside and starved.

Lots and lots of thanks to spread around on Wilbur’s behalf:

Thank you to our rescue coordinators who pulled Wilbur from the euthanasia list at tlac and do the tough work every day deciding who we can fit into our program.

Thank you to all of Wilbur’s great fosters who gave him a home and love (though most of you may have known him as Romeo!): Julie, Frank, Anna and Meg.

Thank you to Shari, Inka and all the staff at Lee Mannix Center for Canine Behavior for helping Wilbur and his fosters while he was having such a tough time.

Big thanks to Jenny, April, Heather, Chip, Kelly and all the staff at Taurus Training and Doggy Care for boarding Wilbur over these past weeks and for all the great work you’ve done with him. He’s a totally different dog today because of his stay with you all!

Thanks to his donors for making it financially possible for us to board him there.  When we asked you for help, you immediately came through for him.

Thanks for Faith for bringing Wilbur to her home for sleep-overs and field trips and helping us get to learn even more about him.

Super huge thanks to APA’s fabulous volunteers and supporters who blogged, Craigslisted, Facebooked, Tweeted and whatever other magic you pulled out of your hats to market Wilbur. It was amazing how many really interested and caring people came forward to try to give Wilbur a home.

Thanks to everyone in APA! for working with Wilbur, sticking with him when the days looked so dark and things got so tough with him. He certainly is special guy and is totally worth every effort each of us put into him.

And finally, thank you Jen for spending hours upon hours working with Wilbur and his fosters and helping find him the perfect home.

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  1. Stuartsays: June 22, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    This is such good news. Wilbur deserves a happily-ever-after, and he’s going to make this sweet family a great pet.