Lucky Clover

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Donations, Fundraising, Special Needs Pets

Clover came to APA! after being picked up by a good Samaritan, they found her with a broken back leg, likely from being hit by a car. This lucky girl had surgery early last month and has been patiently waiting for her leg to heal. In the meantime, she’s been an absolute sweetheart through the whole process, her foster sent us an update on how our lucky four leaf Clover is doing:

“Clover has been recuperating nicely in the days since her operation.  She is confined to her crate with short potty breaks on a leash throughout the day.  Following surgery Clover was required to wear a cone, so that she would not have access to her 22 staples at the incision point, but now that they are out and the incision is healed, that is behind her.  To her credit, Clover did not lick or pick at her leg at all.

Clover is filled with energy and love.  She is more and more exuberant, wanting with all her heart to play with the kitties and greet the deer that recently came up to the back fence, but there is more healing before she can run as wildly as she would like.  Her bones and the metal plate need to knit together and then she will have physical therapy to aid in her mobility.  She is putting a bit of weight on her leg as she gets around, and moving in a smoother gait.

Clover is such a sweet hound dog, so lively, wanting to be friends with everyone.  She is smart, funny, and a natural optimist.  Clover is sure her leg is coming back 100%.”

We are very happy to see that Clover is recovering so well!  However, we still need to raise the funds to pay the surgeon for the amazing job they did.  Please donate towards Clover’s vet bill!  Thank you!