Dos Finds a Second Chance at Life

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Donations, Foster, P.A.S.S., Rescue

Can you imagine taking a sick dog — one who could be cured from her ailments — somewhere and asking for them to be euthanized, or threaten to handle that situation yourself? We sure can’t.

Thanks to a local boarding facility, when this happened to Dos, logic stepped in and Dos now has a second chance at life.

Dos was brought to APA! through our PASS Program when a local boarding facility contacted us with concern. Her owners expressed that they would like for her to be euthanized, to which the facility explained that they were a boarding facility, not a veterinary hospital. When the owners expressed that they would take the dog’s fate into their own hands if they weren’t helped, our PASS Program was contacted and a foster immediately stepped in.


Dos is a sweet-hearted, loving girl despite having a rocky life. She appears to have been bred multiple times, as well as having tested positive for deafness, a full-body yeast infection, heartworm, and sarcoptic (contagious) mange. While this is quite a list of medical needs, the illnesses are all treatable with medicine! We are thankful that our PASS Program (standing for Positive Alternative to Shelter Surrender) could help. After just 24 hours in her new foster home, Dos is beginning to perk up! She is eating well, drinking lots of water, and is happy to see her foster mom when she comes home.

Even though Dos is slowly beginning to recover, she has a long way to go. She needs medicine, love and some extra help to continue all of her treatments. Her foster has ongoing updates about her progress with Dos’ very own blog!

dos2Will you help this lovely girl get the care she needs?  Her treatments will be costly. If she had been treated (or VACCINATED early on like good pet-parents do), her story would be different. But we’re trying to reverse those effect and do everything possible to help this loving gal. Any amount you can offer will help.  Please click “Donate Now” to chip in, and mention Dos in the dedication line.

We look forward to taking and sharing her beautiful “after” pictures that you are certain to see soon!