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When Eeyore came to Austin Pets Alive he was emaciated and sick.  He went into foster to gain weight and get healthy, however, while in foster we discovered that Eeyore has a bad heart.

The main valve that carries blood out of his heart is narrowing. He also had fluid in his lungs and in his belly so he had trouble breathing. His fosters expected him to only live 3 weeks….  that was 5 months ago.  Now Eeyore as gained weight, is breathing normally and is full of energy!

After struggling with his health issues, Eeyore now faces a new set of challenges.  Eeyore never learned how to appropriately behave in a household and is lacking basic dog manners.  We have enrolled Eeyore in a behavior assistance program so that we can help him with his behavior issues just like we have helped him with his health issues.  In this behavior program he will learn how to appropriately behave in a household.

Help us raise money to send Eeyore to school!

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