Julius and Wilbur need YOU!

by Medical Team • Posted in: General

JuliusMeet Julius and Wilbur! These two orange tabbies have sore mouths and need your help! Julius, a 3rd old DSH, and his mini-wilbur2me Wilbur, a 2yr old DSH, both have an autoimmune condition called stomatitis.Online fundraising for Julius and Wilbur need YOU! Feline Stomatitis causes severe inflammation of the tissue in the mouth making eating and grooming very difficult for cats. Both Wilbur and Julius have had extensive oral surgery, including extractions of most teeth, and are doing much better but are still having inflammation issues.

The vets at APA! need to start both these boys on a trial of an  effective, yet safe, steroid to see if the inflammation can be further controlled. All donations go towards a 2-month supply for each cat. Julius and Wilbur say any donations would be “meow-valous!” and put them closer to adoption!