The 411 on Music and Mutts

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Adoptions, Awareness/ PR, Outreach, Partnerships

Music and MuttsThe “live music capital” and what Austinites have affectionately dubbed the “live pets capital,” Austin, TX is the perfect city to celebrate music and dogs simultaneously.

Introducing, “Music and Mutts.”

By teaming up with local musicians, APA! increases the visibility of certain dogs, promoting their adoptability and spreading awareness about “the last 10%.”

What is the last 10%?

By identifying key demographics of animals that are typically euthanized in the shelter and developing programs to serve these demographics, APA! is able to save a large number of the animals most at risk for euthanasia. One key demographic that APA! has developed programs specifically to save are large dogs that don’t do well in shelter settings.

Music and MuttsUnfortunately, while APA! saves hundreds of these dogs each year, many more don’t make it out to a rescue program. These dogs comprise a reasonable percentage of “the last 10%” of animals in need of saving… and they happen to be very similar to the stars of our Music and Mutts campaign. 

Why Music and Mutts?

By spreading awareness with a fun campaign full of local musicians, we hope to expand our life-saving efforts and spread awareness beyond our typical reach. Ideally, this increased visibility will help us save the last 10% of animals that continue to go unsaved in Austin.

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about Music and Mutts or contribute to the effort, please follow the campaign on Facebook or email email hidden; JavaScript is required.Music and Mutts