Video Update of Phoenix

by epjdog • Posted in: Rescue

[googlevideo=]Phoenix is doing a little better one small step at a time.  He is eating very well now and hopefully will get his feeding tube removed by the end of the week.  We don’t want to remove it too early because if he stops eating again, we can’t force feed him (for obvious reasons relating to his abuse) and we won’t want to anesthetize him again.

We should be getting the results of his chest xray back tomorrow to tell us if the air bubble in his lungs is any smaller.  I sure hope so! 

He still has weeks of hospitalization ahead of him just for feeding, cleaning, and making sure he his improving.  He is getting lots of tlc from the veterinary staff and seems to be handling things well.  He still can’t seem to understand his surroundings and definitely cannot see.  We just have to wait and hope that these things improve.  Of course we hope he doesn’t remember the abuse but we do hope he remembers how to be a dog and interact with people.  Right now he just seems kind of lost in his own world.

The video here is of him eating.  You can see that he hates his feeding tube (around his neck) and he is still unstable.  However, the fact that he is standing, eating, and moving around is a real improvement.  As long as he is headed in the positive direction each day, we can’t lose hope.

3 Responses to "Video Update of Phoenix"

  1. momtocatssays: July 16, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    Will he be permanently blind? Bless his heart. After I saw this story on CNN, I check your site everyday to see how he is doing.

  2. mdingmasays: July 17, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    I have been so moved and angered by Phoenix’s story. He’s a great little guy, and so deserves this chance. I saw his story on a Seattle TV station a few days ago, and have followed it ever since. I too check your site daily for updates. Thank you for what you’re doing, and for keeping all of us up to date on how Phoenix is doing. Thanks too for the video. He certainly looks better.

    I would take him in a heartbeat, but I know that once he is well, you will find him the most perfect home that he so deserves.

  3. myninegkidssays: July 18, 2008 at 9:33 pm

    “I have watching this poor little angel’s story since the beginning!!!! Please keep the updates on pheonix and all the other loves you care for coming!