You Can Save Lives by Fostering

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Foster, How to Help without Spending a Dime, Rescue

As you may know, Austin, Texas is the largest no-kill city in the nation. Since 2008, you have helped APA! save more than 25,000 animals in Central Texas. Of these 25,000, several thousand were saved in part by foster parents.

Being a foster helps provide short-term homes for pets in need, getting them adjusted to a home environment and providing love until they are adopted.

Let’s not forget that by fostering you are saving not just one life but multiple lives… making space for APA! to pull animals from the euthanasia list.

Want to know more about fostering? Watch this video now!

Be the difference today and help save a life. Apply to become a foster parent now.


Video compiled by Margaux Tavernier

Special thank you to foster parents, Pamela Martin, Philippa Murphy, Sandy Vickers, Nancy Cremer, Mark Lane, Cheri Gerulatt and Susan Morris