A Story from Austin Pets Alive!’s PASS Program

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BeaOne day recently in Austin a good Samaritan we’ll call “Kate” saw “Dave” and his dog under a tree on the side of the road. Kate struck up a conversation with Dave and learned that he had lost his job and his home, and was going through a bitter divorce. Just about all he had left was his 14-year-old dog, Bea. While Dave needed to find work he couldn’t leave Bea in his car in Austin’s hot climate while he went in search of a job.

Here at Austin Pets Alive! our main mission is take in dogs and cats from shelters where they are at risk of euthanasia, but sometimes we also get to help pets avoid the shelter altogether. Austin Pets Alive!’s Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender Program (PASS) links people and their pets to resources in times of need. While it’s often the case that all PASS can do is to help a family rehome a pet, the program is at its best in cases like Dave and Bea’s.

BCT Logo Vertical for webKate called Austin Pets Alive!’s PASS program, and the PASS team went to work. They got Bea into boarding for just over a month at no cost to Dave while he got on his feet. Dave managed to acquire 2 jobs during that time, and he was able to visit Bea a few times.  At the end of the month, the reunion between the two couldn’t have been sweeter. Bea was more than excited to jump right in his car and take the co-pilot seat! These two were certainly meant to stay together and it wouldn’t have been possible without the PASS Program. Nor could PASS do its work without its many supporters. Chief among them this year is the Banfield Charitable Trust, which awards funding for nonprofit programs designed to keep pets with families. Our thanks go out to the Trust for helping us help people and their pets!