Bottle Baby Trailer Open House

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After months of a lot of work, we’re so excited to announce the opening of our Billy’s Bottle Baby Trailer. The trailer, named after the rescue cat of our donor, will save the lives of all of the kittens who end up at our city shelter, Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC), over the next 12 months. Before this trailer existed, there were very few options for kittens that entered TLAC. Last year alone, the vast majority of the 1,800 kittens who were less than 6 weeks old were put to sleep.

Thanks to a generous donation and volunteer effort, these kittens no longer need to die.

Please join us as we welcome Austin’s newest addition to the family of services that is making Austin a No Kill City!

Date: Thursday, September 3rd
Time: Noon-9pm
Location: Our new trailer on S. Congress and Gibson
(in between Hotel San Jose and Perla’s)

The kittens are registered at Target

View pdf of invitation.

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