Maggie and the Barker’s Dozen

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Adoptions, Foster, Rescue

Maggie and the crew have had a great week.  All of the pups and mom are feeling good and enjoying life.  Really enjoying life.  Maggie has been trying to demonstrate the fine art of ball fetching to the pups.  None of them have caught on yet.  They are doing a great job with housebreaking though!  Not that we don’t have a few unpleasant surprises waiting for us in the morning – but they do seem to be catching on to the idea of going outside if possible.  We have successfully housebroken over 60 pups.  These guys are smart and eager to please so they don’t want to be our first failure.  Barking is the new trick this week.  I could have lived without them learning that one.  But at least they are healthy!

Maggie and the Barkers Dozen will be doing a return engagement at Tomlinson’s Westlake Location this Saturday from 9 – 12.  Tomlinson’s is really eager to have us back and a ton of local businesses have been great about letting us put up flyers advertising the event.  The pups post on Craigslist has generated an amazing amount of interest – so this adoption day should be a well attended one.  If you want to come out and see the gang – we’ll be at Tomlinson’s at Bee Caves and Walsh Tarlton in the Randall’s shopping center.  We already have several great applications on the pups and they are still a couple of weeks from being able to go to their forever homes.   But with 13 fabulous homes to find – we had to start early.   Nothing but the best will do for these pups.  From the euthanasia list to being professional models clamored after by crowds of people – what a great story these guys have!

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