Mr. Z's Weekend

by jp1113 • Posted in: Special Needs Pets

Mr. Z had a pretty laid back weekend with lots of rest. In some ways he’s better, but in others he’s a little worse. One good thing is that the hydrotherapy seemed to be easier on his leg and belly this weekend. He just patiently stands there while he’s hosed down for 10 minutes. Another positive is that he is doing ‘physical therapy” – I think that walking with the gang (short distances) each day, his hind leg (which is third degree burns 360 degrees around) is getting stronger. His gait is still somewhat sideways until he loosens up, but on the way back to the house, he’s hardly limping at all. He does, however, have a lot of pain and itching still, which interfere with is walks to some degree. But he is STILL always the first one out the door!

Sometimes Mr.Z shivers in pain and sometimes because he has trouble keeping warm due to increasing fur loss. Luckily, he’s found a way to communicate with me: when shivering because he’s chilly, he keeps his eyes forward when I pet him. Then I know to shield him from the ceiling fan or cover his non-burned areas with a cloth. When he’s shivering in pain (I swear, I give him all of the pain medication that is allowable!) he gazes up

Mr. Z's favorite place (to the consternation of Karma, who also loves this spot!)

Mr. Z's favorite place (to the consternation of Karma, who also loves this spot!)

with his big brown eyes, straight into mine, without blinking. It’s not a stare down – it’s a genuine inter- species connection. He’s such a little trooper – please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and MANY thanks to those of you who haven given. I can now hide his pills in chicken, hot dogs, and cheese, just to name a few!

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