Thank you to Agape Acres Kennel!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: General, P.A.S.S.

An Austin woman recently passed away, leaving behind two beautiful Collies, her beloved companions. Her son, who lives out-of-state, made arrangements for the dogs to receive temporary care by the neighbors, who fed and walked them daily. Still, the dogs were basically living alone while affairs were in the process of being settled. The son has been able to find a new owner (another family member), but she lives out of state and is not moving to Austin until October. To bridge the gap between July 1 and the end of September, Agape Acres Kennel has stepped in to care for these two pets.

APA! and our PASS program are very thankful for Agape Acres Kennel’s generosity in treating these two dogs like family members until their new owner moves to Austin. Thank you Agape Acres!

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