Volunteer of the Month – Emily Younger

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Congratulations to Emily Younger for being our August Volunteer of the Month!!  Below are just a few reasons why she is amazing:

“I don’t even want to imagine what my day would be like without Emily especially with the PP updates! I would be completely lost without her help and understanding. She makes my job and day a lot easier and I appreciate her efforts and patience.” – Naomi

“Emily is the most organized, hard working, dedicated person. Whenever something challenging or difficult happens, she never lets it get her down or gets stressed out – she just faces the challenge and figures out the best way to deal with it. Our main software system recently had MAJOR changes/upgrades, and while we all ran around trying to figure it out (panicking along the way) Emily just sat down and figured it out, wrote a manual and filmed a video on how the new system works, and then taught the rest of us. Her level-headedness is often a breath of fresh air in the chaotic animal rescue world!” – Lindsay

“Emily is always in a good mood and has a calm soothing demeanor.  She handles things in stride and is great to work with.  She is helpful always and a very patient trainer of volunteers.  She also is really good at the data entry which sounds silly but it is actually quite rare.  She is wonderful and gives her time freely because in her words, she wants funds that APA might have for data entry personnel to go to the kitties in the program instead of her!” – Ellen

“Emily Younger began her volunteer work with Austin Pets Alive in the medical clinic. She would volunteer every Sunday with me and soon became an asset I could not do without on those days. It was when the medical facility was located in a trailer and we had a lot of need for organization and structure. After a few weeks of helping me with physical exams and preparing medications she began to take organizational matters into her own hands and started an inventory system that she would do weekly in addition to continuing to help me with patients. After we moved into our new facility and we began to have more volunteers she saw that our new need was in medical data entry. She has since continued to provided hours and hours of data entry work and provided solutions that we could not have done without her. Not only has she volunteered her time but she has recruited and taught others how to help us with paperwork and has come up with her own methods and ideas on how to streamline the processes. Needless to say Emily Younger is an amazing volunteer in every way. Austin Pets Alive is lucky to have been able to pull in not only Emily but others like herself.” – Jordana

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