APA! Building – Dog Building Update

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Donations, Volunteering

After stripping the carpet off the walls, repainting, building dividers and getting feedback from a few volunteer dogs, we were able to move our canine guests into the new building yesterday. It was an exciting day for us and the dogs. They’re loving the outdoor play area too!

We currently have about 20 guests in the building. Once it is up and running we will be able to bring in even more. We’re still in need of some good dog kennels but there’s one thing we really can’t function without: a washing machine!

Caring for rescue dogs and pups can create a lot of laundry while they learn the rules of indoor living. We can’t properly clean up after them without an industrial sized washing machine. (Think hotel or hospital amounts of laundry). This is the one thing that keeps us from getting the dog building into a fully operating facility. The building will hold overnight kennels, adoptions suites, a play room, a training room, and even individual suites for the “naughty” dogs to hang out in.

If you are interested in donating toward the purchase of a washing machine, or would like to purchase & donate one, any donation, financial or material, is tax-deductible and will mean we can save more lives.

If you would like to contribute toward the purchase of an industrial washing machine, donate using the ChipIn or you can deliver directly to the building.

Many thanks from the APA! dogs

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