Early Mornings with Rusty Sledge

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A Guest Post by Lindsey Rima

Rusty Sledge Lindsey Rima

Early mornings at APA! are kind of wonderful. Parking is easy and the courtyard is a little quieter with some of the dogs still asleep. At that hour, there are usually just a few of us early risers already there at Town Lake Animal Center. Morning dog walking volunteers all have their favorite dogs and a bit of routine about taking them out. For me, mornings always start with Rusty Sledge and a trip to the big play yard at the top of the hill.

I look forward to taking Rusty Sledge out when I open the shelter on Tuesdays. He’s deaf so sometimes he’s not even awake yet. Our outings start by waking him up with a bit of hot dog and a belly rub before we head out for a walk. He’s had lots of training and is incredibly obedient, so going out for a potty break is a civilized affair. Rusty sits politely on command and has a great kennel routine. His loose leash walk is fantastic, even when he is excited.

After a quick bio break, Rusty Sledge surveys the yard and shows off with a few rounds of zoomies. Then, with a twinkle in his eyes, he saunters back for affection. He enjoys butt scratches and belly rubs and is, perhaps, the very best kisser at APA!. We usually practice his training. Rusty is a smart dog. He loves to work and responds to hand signals for sit, down, come, good boy, look, and stop. We usually go for another round of zoomies and then head back to the kennel.

Walking Rusty Sledge in the mornings is a pleasure, but I am ready to see him land a family of his very own. He’s five and a half years old, housebroken and well trained. His ideal home is going to be an adult-only household without other pets. He needs active people who like to run, walk or play outside. Are you the family he’s been looking for?

Learn more about Rusty. Email email hidden; JavaScript is required or visit Rusty between 11:30-7:00 any day of the week at 1156 W. Cesar Chavez.