Patti the kitten needs a hero!

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Patti is a very sweet, wonderful 3 month old kitten girl. She was born with a congenital spinal defect that causes her to be incontinent. I hate writing those words because I know they pretty much guarantee you will stop reading and move on with your day. But Patti deserves love and affection like any other kitten, and she hopes you won’t click away or pass over her story of courage.

Patti was found on the side of the road in Cedar Park, alone, with no mom cat or siblings, at only 4wks of age. She was underweight and obviously had been abandoned for some time. The person that found her brought her to TLAC where she was going to be euthanised unless APA could save her. APA’s bottle baby program stepped in and saved her life.

It was immediately discovered that something was wrong with Patti – she was dragging her right leg. Throughout the next weeks Patti would sometimes drag her legs, or do a cute little “bunny hop” to move around, but her rear end was definitely weak/damaged. X-rays were done and we found that she has a congenital defect that causes hind-end weakness and an inability to hold her stool or urine.

Despite her condition Patti is a happy, healthy kitten. She plays, loves the company of people, is sweet, friendly, gentle and affectionate. She has an upbeat disposition and doesn’t let her handicap get her down. She loves children and other cats. She has a great personality, is well-behaved, brave, takes all of this all in stride, and still plays like a happy, confident kitten! Patti is not in the least bit shy. She entertains herself by hopping around like a bunny with her toys, but prefers to play with other cats or people.

Patti’s foster can’t keep her any longer, so we need a long-term foster that can care for her until we find her forever home. The medical team is working to firm up her stool some (its a little soft) so she can wear diapers to minimize mess. Currently her foster uses puppy pee pads and wet wipes to keep her clean as well as regular bathing (she loves to play in the tub :), and makes sure she is in a confined area (a large dog crate works best) when they aren’t home.
Patti is the perfect example of the kind of animal most people say “no way, I can’t handle that”, but that APA says “yes we can save her life!” Please help us continue saving special-needs animals like Patti by stepping forward to foster or adopt her today.

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5 Responses to "Patti the kitten needs a hero!"

  1. Mippasays: September 12, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    Patti is such a sweet and wonderful girl, and I KNOW there is some special angel out there who is ready to welcome her into their home!!

    Meanwhile, can any donations be made to ensure her happy and comfortable care?

  2. katarinasays: September 14, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    I just wanted to let you know that I DID read the entire story. Unfortunately there is nothing i can do about it, because first of all, Austin is my home still, but i no longer live there, and second, my parents would probably kill me if I came home with yet another animal. But i really do have an open heart for animals that arent perfect like everyone else. They all deserve a good home; they dont deserve to be euthanized. I love what you guys do!

  3. Joysays: September 15, 2011 at 10:31 am

    I will ask around to see you would be interested in helping patti who is an angel looking for love. I will pray for her and I BELEIVE she will be fostered because Austin is a town with soooo many good hearted people that someone will come forward. I have 3 dogs already but will ask around. please keep us posted on her progress and a home found for patti.

  4. Lindsaysays: September 15, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    Thank you so much everyone for your kind words of support for Patti. We have found her a new foster who is picking her up this weekend! Keep your fingers crossed that everything will work out with her new foster home, and keep spreading the word to help find Patti an adopter!
    Thank you!

  5. Solsays: September 20, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    I just wanted to tell everyone out there who might be looking for a kitten to keep an open mind and consider Patti. We rescued a small doggie and immediately realized she had excitable/submissive urination issues. We were not sure about keeping her (we had just moved into our brand new home!) but she was so sweet we decided to give her a chance. After a few months of experimenting with different diapers and ways to make her less excited/nervous (i.e. we tell all human visitors before they enter the home to not lean over her to pet her but to ignore her for a few minutes, sit down on the floor and wait for her to approach them) we came to a point where we could avoid most situations that might make her tinkle. She’s been with us for a year and a half and now we rarely have a ‘wet incident’… even though she doesn’t wear diapers any more! We now only focus on her fantastic qualities: super-smart, well behaved, loving, sweet friend to the entire family. We are now willing to take a chance again and are looking to adopt a second rescue dog! Give Patti a chance!