THANK YOU to APA!’s Generous Donors!

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We are so grateful for the generous donations that continue to pour in from around the country to support the continuing care of the injured and abused animals in our programs – thank you to everyone who has contributed so far to our cause!  Please see an initial listing below of donors through July 31st.  We will post August donors once we have finished reconciling them and sending out individual thank-yous and tax receipts.  Please know that every donation is important and we could not continue to save the lives of so many animals without your help!  Since we started pulling animals from Town Lake Animal Center on June 1st, we’ve rescued over 300 dogs that were not selected for their adoption programs.  Think of how many more animals we could help with additional funds!  Click here to donate now.

We still need contributions to help support our day-to-day operations such as spaying/neutering the pets we place in our adoption programs, transportation vehicles to rescue and transport the dogs to adoption sites, and capital funds for our planned Resource Center facility.  Additionally, we welcome your grassroots fundraising ideas!  Let us know if you’d like to plan an event – maybe a new, creative way to celebrate your child’s birthday, or a happy hour at your favorite local hot spot?  email hidden; JavaScript is requiredour Fundraising Committee with your ideas!  Get creative, have fun, and most importantly, make a difference in the lives of the 13,000+ companion animals that are killed every year in Austin due to inadequate resources to find them homes!

Thank you for all that you do to make our work possible!

July’s Top Dog Donors:
Emmalee C. Crow, Ryan D. Clinton, Lacy N. Simmans, Claire Leonhart, Sheri L. Cowan, Priscilla Calderon, Judy Zygarlenski, Kit & Lynda Bailey, Michelle Smith, Stephanie Arena, Keely Patridge, Vanessa Staples, Tsao-Chuen Ku, Brenda Daniel, Lauren Pacek, Dorothy Farley, Ginger Guest Warnick, Brett Correa, Nicole Cooper, Jennifer Farrar, Darlene Murphy, Jennifer Fisher, Jeannine Fisher, Sheila Moritz, Diane Hyde, Holly Hooten, Betty G. Jenkins, Elizabeth Sprecher, Bernice Speer, Anna Llamas, Kareem Hajjar, Ed Neuhaus, Holly S. Hines, C.B. David, Wendy Bryant, Noelle K. de Lioncourt, Cecilia Wisbrun, Janet Reagan, Donna Hopsin, Codie G. Surratt, Colleen Harris, Philip A. Emore, Ginger H. Wilcox, Debra Crosby, Chiemi S. Perry, Susanne J. Fawcett, Linda L. Caramagno, Gordon C. Fossum, Lisa Tate, Lynn Calderon, George & Sara Dayhoff, Robert Vehon, Dorothy Havelka, Sherri L. Anderson, Brett Gregor, Richard Hutt, Edward L. Oberstaller, Sarah H. Miller, Delia Dahm, Audrey S. Moses, Candace C. Stone, Catherine Cook, Erica Alejandro, Cynthia W. McInturff, Ploysongsang Ajanant, Matthew Kwak, Victoria Abeling, Antoinette Benson, Edward Jack O’Neill, Janet King Jones, Eileen S. Dinger, Tobie C. Tucker, Cheri Cox Doyle, Sasha Murphy, Tobar Manuel, Melissa Hajjar, Sherill A. Barron, Mandy Wright, Kenneth R. Soliz, Sylvia Viallereal, Karen Cauthen, David La Pier & Janet Dunkelberg, Gene & Zelma Richardson, Jackie Cordry, Rachel Guardiola, Tracy & Gary Herman, Vivian Todd, Lucy Walker, Adrienne Arter, Virginia M. Higginbotham, James D. Spates, Pam Jaeger, David Zapata, Brittany Buchanan, Marilyn Dingman, Gary Mazik, Lee & Randy Meeks, John Fleming, Terry Ross, Kristine Artymowski, Irma Hampton, David W. Hart, Ann Nichols

*And lots of wet kisses to our Angel Dogmobile Donors who donated their SUV to help us rescue more dogs from the local shelters and transport them to our offsite adoptions!  Do you have a large, working vehicle you would like to donate?  email hidden; JavaScript is requiredto email our Donations Chair.

**The Final Wag: Please forgive any omissions and let us know if we mistakenly left you off this list!

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