Update from Maggie and the Barkers Dozen

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Adoptions, Foster, Rescue

It has been a while since we have posted. But with 13 fosters, I am sure you understand we have been busy. We have tons of great news to report. We have had a couple of great adoption days at Tomlinson’s Westlake location. The folks there have been so great to us! Donations of food just continue to pour in from the great folks at Tomlinson’s. And they just keep welcoming us back with open arms. Even when all of Austin thought Ike was going to rain on its parade, Tomlinson’s said we could set up inside if we wanted to.

And we have to report that the Barkers Dozen is now just the fabulous five! Seven of the pups have gone home to their forever homes! We keep getting picture updates from these great adopters showing us the pups in their new homes and telling us how great they are doing. We are very proud to announce that so far everyone has been accident free in their new home, so it seems the potty training has worked! We still have applications coming in on the last few pups and we are planning another adoption day meet and greet at Tomlinson’s this Saturday from 9-12, so we are hopeful that everyone will be placed in their forever homes soon. We are going to hold on to the runt, Tinkerbell for a while though. She needs to have some tests run, and we don’t want to adopt her out until we know she is 100%.

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