Volunteer Dog Pick of the Month: Winnie!!!

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes, Volunteering

Each month, the volunteers & staff of APA! come together to choose our Volunteer Dog Pick of the Month!  This is a dog we all agree is absolutely amazing and is being inexplicably overlooked for adoption.  Gussifer kicked things off in style as our first pick and Winnie Winnicent is here to follow in his paw prints!

Winnie is one of those dogs you fall in love with before you’ve even made it all the way up to meet her for the first time. She is absolutely adorable and just radiates with the sweetest energy. Her smile will melt your heart and it shines in her eyes when she’s looking up at you. This is a dog it’s literally impossible not to just hug and love. Luckily, she’s fine with that and has plenty of doggie kisses to go around.

Winnie also has a calm, self-assurance about her. She’s very outgoing and playful but never pushy or hyper. She’s just a mellow lovebug who likes to have a good time! 

Did we mention how adorable she is? Who knows what’s mixed in with that smiling Staffie face to give it it’s perfect smooshiness…Boston Terrier? French Bulldog? We have no idea but we know it’s cuter than two baby bunnies sitting on top of a litter of puppies next to a basket of kittens. Winnie is cute with a capital “C.” 

Winnie gets along wonderfully with other dogs of any shape or size, loves people to pieces, and is appropriate and gentle with children.  She’s a sweet, cuddly girl who is brimming with affection, love, and playfulness.  This beautiful dog with the perky ears and kind heart deserves to go to a home where she’ll be lavished with as  much love and affection as she gives to everyone who crosses her path!

To meet Winnie, email email hidden; JavaScript is required or check our daily adoption site list to see where she is each day!


Read what just a handful of Winnie’s many fans have to say about this adorable, smooshy faced lovebug…

“Every once in a while a dog comes through our system who steals your heart and Winnie is one of them.  Her tail is always wagging and she constantly puts smiles on the faces of everyone around her, maybe because of the adorable way she flops into the doggie pool after a long walk (and then looks up as though to say “I’m really cute, aren’t I”) or her antics as she climbs up into one of our portable sports chairs causing everyone with a camera to start taking pictures or just her bubbling personality.  I know I desperately want her to find a great home but will be saddened that she’s no longer in our lives.” 

Ken Paris, Behavior & Enrichment Team & Trail Site Volunteer


“Winnie is a mellow girl with a big personality. She’s such a cuddler and likes to make herself comfortable sitting on a chair. I think she thinks she’s a little person. ”

-Carolyn Yaschur, APA! Volunteer Photographer & Trail Site Volunteer

 “She is my favorite little smooshed face bat baby!!!  If Winnie does not melt your heart at first sight then it will only take one minute for her to charm your pants off with her pure excitement for life.  She loves people and other dogs and gets the cutest case of wiggle butt when you get her all riled up! She is my number one APA pup crush right now. She has a very special place in my heart and I have no doubt that soon she will earn a spot in yours!”  

Kevin DeFranco, APA! Adoption Counselor

*Photos 1 & 3 by Carolyn Yaschur  *Photos 2& 5 by Sylvia Cavazos-Malamon, Frolic Foto *Photo 4 by Jessica Nickels

6 Responses to "Volunteer Dog Pick of the Month: Winnie!!!"

  1. bradsays: September 22, 2010 at 10:53 am

    Winnie is just best dog you can imagine. She is almost human. She loves to sit in chairs and you begin to think she is a regular person when she is sitting next to you watching people go by. If you go to the trail site, she will be sitting in a chair (if she is not out on a walk). If you go the adoption sites, she likes to jump up on a chair and sit after returning from a walk. She will be a awesome companion for someone. Help find Winnie a home.

  2. sarah smithsays: September 26, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    would love, love, love to meet her. when could I do that?! thanks for the info!

  3. kerstinsays: September 27, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    Winnie’s an awesome dog! Super sweet and great personality. She good on a leash, very trainable, and tries so hard to please. I hope she finds a home soon!

  4. Staciesays: September 29, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    I am so interested in adopting Winnie but will not be in Austin until our move mid-December. She is a perfect fit for our family. I am hoping she finds a loving family but if my some chance she is available mid-december, I WILLl come to adopt her so there will be no worries if she will have a home or not, just how soon.

    If there is a foster family that would be willing to take her in for 2 1/2 months I would love to talk with them.

    My wish for Winnie is to find the perfect home. Whether with us or another loving family.

    You can feel her energy just by looking at her picture. I have been looking at the website everyday to see if she is still available.

    We are moving from Oregon to Austin and have a 2 year old male pitty that would LOVE a sister.

    Thank you for all you do and I will continue to check the website.

    Stacie Codino

  5. austinpetsalivesays: September 29, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Stacie, I’m sorry (but happy) to tell you that Winnie was adopted today! Please come and see us when you get to town and I’m sure we’ll have another dog similar to her that we’ll be able to recommend.

  6. Staciesays: September 29, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    Sooo happy for Winnie!!!!!!!!!! :) That is wonderful. Yes, we will be in touch as soon as we move. Thank you for letting me know.
    You guys do such an amazing job.

    See you in December!!! :)