183Vet Clinic Partners with APA!

by Lindsey Picard • Posted in: General

Dr. Liat Zilkha and her team have just signed on to provide veterinary services to Austin Pets Alive! as part of the opening of their new, state of the art, 183Vet Clinic in north Austin. As the primary veterinarian at 183Vet Clinic, Dr. Zilkha is an expert in the treatment of canine distemper.

Distemper is a serious virus – it is possible for dogs to beat it and recover at any stage of clinical signs, but it is also possible for the virus to be fatal. Distemper is spread like a cold – through any bodily secretions like saliva or mucus, sharing bowls, coughing in close proximity to other dogs, etc. It is also possibly spread in utero.

Puppies and unvaccinated dogs have the highest risk of infection and in stressful environments; immune systems can be lowered, making them even more susceptible. Fully vaccinated adult dogs are generally not at risk. The virus is not spread to humans or cats.

Although there is no known cure, Dr. Zilkha has been a pioneer in the treatment of this contagious and serious disease among canines. She has a 50% or greater survival rate of patients who exhibit neurological signs.

At APA!, we knew going into Hurricane Harvey rescue and relief that there would be serious challenges to caring for several thousand pets in a very short time frame. In the stressful post-Harvey environment, we knew there was a possibility we could receive animals with illnesses – but we elected to take the animals that came to us, anyway, because the alternative was unacceptable. As APA! is one of the only shelters in the country that will purposefully take in distemper dogs and actively treat the symptoms, we are thrilled to be partnering with Dr. Zilkha so we can combine forces against this virus.

In addition to Dr. Zilkha’s knowledge and expertise, the team at 183Vet Clinic – Aaron, Armani and Ali – are all experienced and committed animal care specialists. All, but Armani, are Texas-raised and trained, and love living in Austin!

183Vet Clinic is a family-oriented practice that takes pride in providing a treatment plan that caters to each pet’s individual needs. They enjoy spending time with their patients and clients and will dedicate the necessary time to each so that they are comfortable with every aspect of their care. They offer a variety of treatment plans and cost savings approaches to best support every pet.

Austin Pets Alive! appreciates 183Vet Clinic’s donation of services and knows that those dogs and cats we send their way will be in good hands!